No ordinary messaging app


“Omlet is an insanely ambitious assault on the entire Facebook model of mobile social networking.”


Multiple devices


Seemless integration across devices means you’ll never miss out on an important moment again. Whether you’re on the go with your smartwatch, hanging with friends on your phone, or relaxing at home with your tablet.
Omlet is always one click away.

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Asus is our first OEM partner that embraces open messaging by including Omlet chat on every single zenfone on launch and integrate Omlet functions to make their native apps more social.

“Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch to work with Omlet and HTML 5 for third-party developers to make apps that keep messages private.”


Wearable Omlet
One of the most popular apps for the Samsung Gear 2,
Omlet helps you stay connected with your loved ones while you’re on the go.

Play the video to see what we are talking about.

Data privacy
As we move forward in a worldwide digital age, data privacy will become more important. Most social platforms assume providing you with a free service automatically grants them the right to own your private data (aka. photos, texts, and more) and do whatever they want with it. We don’t buy into that here at Mobisocial. We believe in a future that promotes freedom of expression combined with the right for you to choose what happens to do with your data.

We are committed to giving the power to the people, because it’s not just “data”…
-It’s our lives.

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Developer [old?]


Developers… It’s your world

So many ways to Jam! Augment chats with tools that fit your precise need! Omlet’s most powerful feature is the ability to be highly customizable. We understand that we can not build the perfect chat tool for everyone because everyone’s perfect chat tool is different. To keep pace with the rate of innovation we empower users with the ability to build, customize, and improve their chats to fit their vision. Being a developer with Omlet means you have the opportunity to have your dreams realized and share your brilliance with users all over the world.

“The bright minds at Stanford who created Omlet have a different idea about how communication should work.”


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