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ASUS — MobiSocial Inc. For the past several months we have been working closely with ASUS to include Omlet Chat on top of their ZenUI on the new line of ZenFones! On April 08 2014 we were ecstatic to announce their release! Thanks to Omlet's open platform and guarantee of user control over data, the ZenFones are the first smartphones that let groups share photos and chats easily with true data privacy. Read more: [Link]

You can't make an omlet without breaking a few eggs.


Unlimited free messaging with control over your data. No one likes ads that seem like someone’s been reading your messages. We don’t do it and never will. Omlet doesn't store your data -- you do! In the cloud provider of your choice.

cloud storage


Location based chats for instant conversations nearby. Start a chat on the spot to create photos albums with anyone nearby-- even people not in your address book.



All your group photos in one album for easy access and frictionless sharing.

cloud storage


Multimedia messaging from a collection of apps. Send GIFs, stickers, polls, there is no lack of ways to communicate on Omlet.



Make your own stickers and collect them to add a whole new level of fun to edit and play with your photos.

Express yourself

Create your own Gifs, cutout your own stickers, or just pick from our library. Make pictures funnier with our editor.

Connect more

Chat and share photos with new friends on the spot, without exchanging contact information.

Protect your privacy

We promise to never monetize or sell your data. We don't even keep it. Store it wherever you feel comfortable.

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