We’re still aglow! After several years of hacking in the basements of buildings on Stanford campus in Palo Alto, we’ve launched at the Interactive portion of SxSW 2014!

It was our first SxSW as a group, and between presenting at the Accelerator, learning about other cool companies, and pretending that we know how to party like Gabriel and Dresden, it was a whirlwind week.

The layout at SxSW can feel daunting at first, and we’re still following up with all the new people we met, but it was a great experience and something we’ll definitely turn into a yearly pilgrimage

A very kind writer at, The Drum, took time to tease out insight from an infographic by Manning Gottlieb OMD, an award winning UK based agency.

The sentiment regarding Omlet was largely positive and vocal supporters of Omlet spread the word about our team and our mission to give people control over their data

     ”Edward Snowden beat Julian Assange, Lady Gaga beat Grumpy Cat and Omlet beat Secret App at SXSW”



We know that buzz online pales in comparison to delighting our users and giving back control of your data, but it is nice to be recognized for our efforts, thanks to all of you who downloaded the app and helped spread the buzz!

We look forward to continuing to learn and grow, feel free to reach out or give us feedback in the comments or email us contact@mobisocial.us

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