Hello Omlet Friends!

New release just in time for the new year! We’ve added some cool new features for Android and also fixed a lot of bugs and improved stability. An iOS update will be coming soon after the New Year as well and will have the same improvements mentioned in our last Android release blog!

Now, let’s get back to the exciting stuff! The focus of this release is on image/gif related features.

We improved our gallery view UI and added the ability to comment on individual photos right in the gallery! You’ll see comments in the feed get posted in the feed so that you won’t miss them, but you can also see them right in the gallery!


Image Search and GIF search are two of our most popular features. We’ve redesigned them to make them easier to use, faster and to take up less memory! Search the image or GIF you want to send, tap on a thumbnail to preview, and then hit send if you’re satisfied!


We’ve also reintroduced something to Omlet, favorite contacts! Now, not only can you have your favorite chats easily accessible, but also your favorite people!


From all of us here at Omlet we want to thank you for helping us continue to improve! If you have any comments, questions or suggestions we’d love to hear from you, just send us an email at contact@omlet.me!

Happy Holidays!

Emma Fuller
Program Manager @ Omlet Inc.

p.s. on January 1st you should like a post at least 5 times. There might be something special waiting for you…


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