Hello Omleteers!

It’s time for a new release, and we’ve got some exciting new features to tell y’all about!First up is the introduction of Omlet ID! You’ve been asking for it, now here it is. Now, when you join a broadcasted chat you will join as your Omlet ID. When you go to the “Broadcasts here” screen you will be prompted to create an Omlet ID, or you can go to “Settings,” “Identities,” then select “Create Omlet ID.”



You can also use Omlet IDs to start chats with people. When starting a chat just type in the Omlet ID of the person you want to chat with, select the “Add by Omlet ID” option and start your chat! Omlet ID is unique to each user – go set yours up today to get the ID you want before someone else takes it!



Next up we have pinning/unpinning contacts! Pinning/unpinning doesn’t actually delete a contact, but it hides them from showing up, which is a great way to keep your contact list from getting cluttered. If you later change your mind and want that person to show, just search for their name and pin them.


Wow! I know you’re thinking, “So many cool new features, I don’t think it could get better!” But I’m here to tell you that IT CAN!

We made chatting with your non-Omlet friends even easier! Just start a chat with them and they will be emailed or texted a link to start chatting with you right in their browser. They don’t even have to download Omlet!


Last but certainly not least, we now have Image Search. You’ll find it in the app drawer, or as an option for selecting a photo to set as your chat photo, to make a sticker or to edit a photo! We even let you search for transparent/cutout images to make it even easier to make your own stickers!


Enjoy, and as always if you have any questions or suggestions you can email us at contact@omlet.me, or tap feedback in the app and start a chat with us.

Hugs and Hershey’s Kisses®,

Emma Fuller
Program Manager @ Omlet Inc.

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