Hello Friends!

It’s has been almost two months since our last release. That’s because we’ve been hard at work to bring you some big changes.

The biggest news is that we’ve gone native on Android! What that means is that you can continue to enjoy the same sleek and familiar UI, but now Omlet uses less memory on your phone while running smoother and faster! Yay!

We’ve also added a search feature on Android so you can find the chat you’re looking for easier!


Broadcasts are one of the coolest parts about Omlet. Start a broadcasted chat for your party, game night or family reunion, so that everyone can join in and share the moment with pictures that can be enjoyed by all even after your event ends. In this release, we streamlined the UI to make starting and joining a broadcast more intuitive. We’ve also added the ability to set the length of time of your Broadcast so that it lasts as long as your party does!


A great thing about Omlet is that you can add/change the apps that appear in your app drawer. We are launching a brand new UI that allows you to search apps, review apps and makes it easier than ever to pin or unpin them from your app drawer.


Stickers are more fun than ever! We’ve added a little magic that makes the sticker drawer stay open after sending, so you can send as many as you want at one time! To compensate for the amount of stickers you might send your friend at once, we’ve put them on a delay so you have to wait for that sticker to fade back in to be able to use it again! (Which only makes it more addictive).


Last but not least, a little iOS news is that we’ve updated so that we work with iOS 8! There were a few issues with Omlet when you updated your devices, but this release should fix them. Keep an eye out for our release, it’s been submitted to the App Store, and should be released soon!

We think you’re all egg-celent! If you feel the same way about us, we’d really appreciate if you leave us a 5 star review! If you have any questions email us at contact@omlet.me or start a chat with “teamomlet”.


Emma Fuller
Program Manager @ Omlet Inc.

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