Hello Omlet Friends!

2015 is winding down, but the fun doesn’t have to! Even though it has been a while since we last updated everyone, we have been hard at work creating and building wonderful new things. In addition to a variety of new features to bring more fun, connections and creativity to your chat experience, we have also been working on our Social SDK. We will be excited to share more on that when it’s ready, so stay tuned.

Here are some highlights of the additions to Omlet Chat in 2015 Omlet Arcade, Custom Sticker Packs, Image Search and numerous integrated Apps like Premier League, Custom GIFs, Games and more! Read on to learn more.


Let’s start with our most significant new feature, the Omlet Arcade. Swipe left to access, and select the Games tab to pick your fun of choice.

Play against yourself, friends, or with people in your area to create your Game Profile. Additional features include global and local ranking, the ability to send scores through chat, and challenge requests!

What makes this feature even better is the ability to meet people in your area and compete to increase your local ranking!

With four original, entertaining and exciting games, the Omlet arcade is sure to be your new addiction!

FLY TRAP- Tap or be eaten! Keep out of reach of plant eaters, as they multiply. But beware– sharp edges are just as dangerous.

SUPER OMLET- Even Super heroes need help sometimes! Steer Super Omlet through these obstacles but keep steady. Tap too much, you may go too high; tap too little, you may go too low. Being a Super Hero is all about balance!

DODO DASH- Dodo is a runner. Help dodo jump between platforms while collecting coins. But avoid the water; Dodo can’t swim!

STAR CRUSH- This game is all about speed. Match numbers and colors as much as you can before time runs out!

Check out Fly Trap, Super Omlet, Dodo Dash and Star Crush on your iPhone, Android or Tablet and let the playing begin!



Our next new feature is the Custom Sticker Pack. One of Omlet Chat’s greatest and most unique qualities is the ability to make your own stickers to save or send to your chat group. Now you can organize these stickers into folders by creating Custom Sticker Packs. This allows you to sort your creations by name, as well as share them with your friends.



Here at Omlet we know a little detail goes a long way. To help make chatting faster and more convenient, we have given a major facelift to our Image Search feature. This allows you to search for an image by entering a keyword into the text box and then selecting the Image icon to take you to our Image Search page. This page also includes GIF and Imojis Tabs for your convenience.


Under the Hood

We also completed a major revamp of our server architecture. Our system is now globally distributed with servers in Americas, Europe, and Asia. This means better performance with faster message delivery for everyone. Now you can chat with your friends from around the world without worrying about delayed messages or slow connections when sending pictures, GIFs, or playing games.

That’s a wrap! We hope you enjoy these new features and that it makes your New Year a little sweeter.

Happy Chatting!

– Your Friends at Omlet –

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or suggestions! Contact@omlet.me


Author: Mitra Ahy

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